You know, in France I got used to seeing men die. I never got used to seeing horses die.

Groot apperation post ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Canna, Scotland, United Kingdom

Canna, Scotland, United Kingdom


 #okay so this is pretty much 100% professor longbottom right here #because you know neville would kind of end up being the cool professor without knowing it #he would be the ~war hero legend that wears hipster sweaters before they became popular and has a scottish accent #and would totally have sunglasses 1000% and would wear them when the were out on the grounds cataloging plant life around the lake #and would only wear his robes part of the time b/c it’s hard to tend to plants in full robes duh #and would have all these weird pieces of jewlery that he wears because he got them in some foreign country while researching cacti or something #professor longbottom: unintentional hogwarts heartthrob


#27BiStories: Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

"Although this marks the final installment of our weeklong series, these stories are just the beginning of the conversation. As a nationally syndicated columnist recently illustrated, many people still lack a fundamental understanding about what it means to be bisexual in gay, lesbian, and straight communities. We will continue raising bisexual voices up until that’s no longer the case.

Thank you for reading #27BiStories.”

This is our last day of #27BiStories from bisexual Advocate journalist Eliel Cruz with graphics by Trivo Studio 


Captain Sashay doesn’t need your mer-binary.

Finally got another one of these out! Took a long while designing this character and making them consistent through all the panels.

Which monster should come next?